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Scanning Services


Media Scanning - Convert VCR Tapes, 8mm Film, Slides, Negatives and more

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LOOK FAMILIAR??? Family memories stored on media types like these are dying a little every day. Don't lose those special memories. We can scan your VCR or Handy-Cam or 8mm Film or Slides or Negatives or Prints or Reel to Reel Audio Tapes or Cassettes or Phonograph Records and re-create them onto DVDs to be watched on your computer or laptop. We offer free pickup and delivery service in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. CALL 317-979-8922. Ask for Mr. David.


Documents -- Convert File Cabinet Storage

If you are sick of the file cabinets or maybe a storage room full of files that you need to keep. We can image it all for you. We can now offer pricing that makes it practical to image dormant storage files for the sole reason of freeing up space or getting rid of rental storage. Prices at 3 cents per scan. Searchable documents stored in folders, just like your file cabinet, are included free. We also offer document prep services as well as re-assembly if required. Pickup and delivery services are also available. If you do not want your original documents returned, we will secure shred them free of charge after your images are approved. We scan large size pages up to 42 inches wide. CALL 317-979-8922. Ask for Mr. David


Books -- Pamphlets -- Magazines

Book scanning is offered in two styles. Destruct scanning is the least expensive. Your book will be cut apart to allow a quick scanning procedure. After the images are approved the original book is secure shredded. Non-destruct scanning is ideal for books that need to be kept in their original condition and returned to you. Our non-destruct scanners allow us to capture book pages from very fragile, antique books without having to stress the spines by fully opening the book. Destruct prices at 5 cents per page. Non-destruct prices at 20 cents per page.

CALL 317-979-8922 Ask for Mr. David.



Photographs printed on paper will not last forever. We can scan your photos into JPEG files that you can preserve for viewing on your computer, telephone or other devices. Our photo scanning is priced at 20 cents per photo. Photo filing software is also available that would allow you to copy your JPEG photo files, that we create, into a database. You could then search for specific photos based on information you attach to each photo. Photo filing software is available for sale and download from 3rd parties with pricing around $40. We would be happy to recommend. CALL 317-979-8922. Ask for Mr. David.

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